Earn by using your smartphone by working online

Earn by using your smartphone by working online

Hi friends how are you all I hope you are all very well today I will discuss a very nice topic for you that is how you can earn money from home



You can receive through rocket.



We all want that. So in that case it is seen that we don’t find the right mediums but we can never earn from online only we waste our time and later it is seen



We are cheated and today I will share with you a very nice and trusted app that you can earn thousands of rupees from home using this app.



And you can receive the money through Bikash Number Rocket, I will show you the full effort through this post, then you will do the work as I will show you. Friends how to download this application



I will show you completely, then below this post you will see a link, then you have to click on waiting, if you click it, it will take you to the Google Play Store.



So first of all you have to download Income application from play store and once the application is downloaded you have to open Income application



After that you have to open an account in the income application. You just enter your name, mobile number and a six digit password to open the account. After the account opening is complete.



You have to login in the income application after login in the application you will have job option there.



And there you have to earn by watching videos and those dollars but you can withdraw immediately and then you can watch.



You will have to click below after clicking what you have to do you have to give your account number the number you want to withdraw money



Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw with the number. After giving them, your work will be complete. Then you click. If you click, the money will come to your account within 5 minutes.



You will get the money in your account within five minutes so you can earn from here everyone will be fine thanks for being with us all.

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