You can earn 500 taka per day through mobile sitting at home

You can earn 500 taka per day through mobile sitting at home

You can earn 500 rupees daily by sitting at home and withdraw your money through any means of your Bikash cash.

Today I am sharing such a site 4500 rupees you can withdraw your bkash cash from any account for free and you don’t need any money to work here.

You will make an account for free and work while making an account. By doing your work, you can withdraw 4500 rupees.

why u tell u i will open my message now then see i got money in cash account i will open message now show proof see see proof

Our sylhet mount edora is written to keep taka 500 but will get taka chandra got taka just now i will tell you today’s incident pay attention your precious time to watch today’s video only 5 min then after giving only 5 min time

4 thousand 500 can’t be taken out for you. Many people tell me bro, is there any medium where you can earn by working. I will share. You will not need any money to work here.

But you will do it for free account, then you can earn 500 to 1000 rupees, you will get 45 rupees bonus and if you don’t get money, I will give you my money 1000% guarantee Thank you so much to all who have liked so far.

You have to open it first and then connect to Deepen, but I have internet connection, see, but you will connect to the network, you will install it, you will open it, and if you open

You need to create account for that see it is written Sign up with email click here then click on sign up with email first enter your name then email address

You can create an account with any email address you type here, then you can enter the pin number from 1 to 6.

Then if you want to do it again, after giving und 34, then click here and then click on China button, my email address is my email address, but I will enter it properly and type the pin number that has created an account with your number. finally

I have created this account then I will fix it then there will be no problem to login later I will watch it then read it carefully then watch today’s video for you

I will click here then but you can earn by adding, subtracting and dividing by term.

Here but you can earn by simple simple numbers then I will also tell you you will get 45 rupees bonus then don’t look there click click on WhatsApp then you will then go to the bank

Then look here is there I will click here look here from here you are ahead but again after you see you will do then look it is written

You have to do this every time you do it you will be able to earn your income then dear friends see here it is here I will click here how you will not withdraw 45 rupees I will tell you about this later now then click again then click there

Then you should expect you to earn income then click on the other menu icon icon and then you will get twenty percent commission by your referral.

You can earn 1 to 2000 taka per day by referring lifetime see here is your telegram channel click here click here I will show you proof now this will give you 45 taka

Why it will show the proof see telegram app by telegram app now you have to join group I have joined group now then click on view button to join

Then you will find numerous proofs in this group and you will know whether they will actually give you this money. I will tell you how you will not withdraw your money. 45 rupees is written for it. Click on it. Here is Bikash cash. Only 50 rupees will be required.


You need only 10 taka in your account then you can withdraw 5050 10 5 10 dollars is 50 taka so people can withdraw only 50 taka

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