Earn 2000 taka per day absolutely free and from here withdraw that money

Earn 2000 taka per day absolutely free and from here withdraw that money

Hello Friends Assalamu Alaikum How are you all I hope you are all very well today I will share with you a very nice and awesome crazy income application from which you can earn 2000 rupees per day absolutely free and from here withdraw that money through Bikash Cash Rocket. can



How to work in the application, how to earn, I will show you everything through this post, so read today’s post carefully without skipping anywhere, read carefully.





And after reading the complete post carefully I will show you the western tasks you have to do correctly you can’t do any mistake then you can earn 100% and the income money is 100% but you will get paid I myself guarantee





How to earn from here and how to receive the money through your Bikash Mak let me show you the complete process post carefully ok so let me show you what you need to do





First of all, today I will give you a link of the app below this post, then you have to download it from here first, then you just click on that link, after clicking, it will take you to the play store, then you have to download the application first from the play store.





Once the first application is downloaded you need to open the application and after opening the application you need to login with your name phone number email address and a six digit password first create an account then login





Whenever your login is complete in the application the first thing you have to do after login is you have to complete the task and earn by completing the task here you can watch the video how to do it also you can download the application and earn by completing the survey





Tafin Just click on any method from here and then click on the option of income. After clicking on the option of income, your income will come. You have to complete each tax and you will be given some dollars.





In this way, you will earn dollars by doing something and every day you will see that you will have dollars here and when the dollars are earned, they will be added to your account immediately and after the dollars are added, when you have earned the dollars that you want to withdraw, then you have to click on the withdraw button.





After clicking basically you have to enter the number you want to withdraw the money with and after giving that number you have to pay how much money you want to make then you just click on the video button with that mind.

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