Watch all the videos you will watch then I will give you some dollars

Watch all the videos you will watch then I will give you some dollars

First of all you have to download this application and then you have to register in this application and then you have to work and submit then how do you download the application let me show you so let me show you how to do your work




Friends you can see below there will be a link named app link income app link then you will click on the just way link after clicking it will take you to google play store then first of all you will install the application on your phone from play store




Friends, once the application is installed, first of all open the application and after opening it, you have to click on the registration button and register in Prem. You will register in the application with your mobile number, name, email address.




And to resist, you must use any VPN and connect the VPN by selecting the US country. Connecting the VPN is very easy. Go to the Play Store and download any VPN, then connect to the VPN using the US country.



Of course, in opening the account, you have to connect VPN and open it now, otherwise, your account will not be opened successfully and you will not get income, then you must download VP from Play Store and then register from the application after connecting VPN.




So when the registration is complete you basically have to complete the tax and the income system is very easy what you just need to do is when you login for the first time in the application after login you will get the option to complete the tax then you click on the touch option





Friends, after clicking on the tax option, an option named Play Tax will appear in front of you. From there, what will you do? Click on it. Your income will start. Now one video will appear in front of you, then what you will do is play those videos for 30 seconds.




Every 30 seconds when you watch a video you may have 10 videos or you may have 15 videos you will watch each video from beginning to end so watch all the videos you will watch then I will give you some dollars




In this way you will play the videos one by one and one by one they will give you some dollars, those dollars will be added to your account and after adding you can see your account very easily.




Friends then you can see what you have to do when the dollars are added to your account you have to withdraw those dollars to your bank account or your mobile banking account or your Bkash Cash Rocket.




You can then just see there next to the tax option, but it will come like that. After clicking, you will be given the account number to which you want to withdraw.




He will click on the with button and within five minutes you will see money in your account and you will get money in your account within five minutes after earning this application you will get 100% payment from here and you can earn 100% thanks everyone to stay

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