How to earn money online 2024 earn 2000 taka just 1 secend

How to earn money online 2024 earn 2000 taka just 1 secend

Good news for them like earlier this time also published a financial donation notification and notification says that every student will get Rs.10000



So we are going to show you how to fill the financial grant scholarship form on any mobile phone, so you must watch the video from the beginning to the end and you can apply by mobile phone and the necessary documents you need before applying are




You have to get a certificate from the headmaster of your school and complete the application with his certificate but we try how to apply through mobile




I will leave one specific thing but that is that you have three dot structure here.




Request me and then you can see the student financial aid if you look at this financial aid fnf.




I want to tell you that I can see you here and I don’t know which address we will play here. Click here to see the news. If you are from school, then the first thing for you is to see from here those




who are in secondary and those who are in technical and madrasa education department. Yes I click here for technical and financial donation




After clicking here you can see that it is coming from and we have to fill this form ok so the first thing you have to do is you don’t have to make a specific account




dear you can’t come to this page ok so before coming here you After meeting, I will definitely read you a little




Here you have to create an account delete the account you will be like this ok now if you don’t know how to create then I will show you then look here you have to fill the form then you have to select the division from here




Then you have to select the district notice if you have done all the sylhet then but you will go next then show the Eid news you have to give the name of the educational institution here after the name of the educational




institution notice here there are educational institutions institutions to be given here and there to be given The type of educational institution will be from there




SSC Vocational Dakhil Vocational SSC HSC BM Diploma or Engineering College all can apply ok then here you see then the academic year is changing you have to select from here and students number from here




Then this is the reason for the application show the news to apply you can see the applications complex and expensive accident education




expenses administratively disabled Sylhet ok once deleted then you have to give a mobile number there

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