You have to complete the Registration and work from here

You have to complete the Registration and work from here

You go I show you the complete processes how you can easily earn through them and by earning your money you can easily transfer your money to your bank account or any means.



In the account you can receive and you can do the work in a very simple way and you can earn one thousand two thousand five thousand rupees daily by doing simple work.




So let me tell you how you can earn from here and after earning you will receive the money through your account so first of all what you have to do is directly below




I will give you a link you have to click on that link then it is the registration link so click on your registration link here Registration must be done




And for registration, after clicking on that link, you will be taken to the play store, playstory, you have to download the app,




which I will give you, download the app and register in the app, and after this registration, you have to complete the tax and work from here.





So first of all, you will register and click on Taxes, after clicking on Taxes, there will be numerous taxes, then in each tax you will see the same ads and through




these ads you will earn and from here you can earn through these verses and take the money to your account.





If you touch here very easily you can complete and the tasks are very easy you just play each video from here and the add will come the adds are video




add then you have to give those video ads for 30 seconds and after watching the add in 30 seconds Money will be added to your account balance





And when you do this, the ads will be complete, you can see that the money will be added to your account and you can withdraw the money very easily,




and by withdrawing, but just like the job, you can just see here from where you will open the jobs.





When you click on the Just Wait option, you will get different mediums or different currencies through which you can withdraw money.Pay directly to your bank account or your






Means there will be account account you can receive or withdraw and from there you can convert the money and take your main account ok





You can earn thousands of rupees through this very well designed application and you can earn by working in this app.




Ok, those who have any problem must comment. I will reply you through comments and all

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